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Attract Customers in a Niche Market 

Posted by Dale Semanisin on Tue, Feb 13, 2018 @ 04:52

Finding potential customers in a fragmented market or a niche market can be extremely difficult.

Traditional marketing methods are becoming both ineffective and expensive and prospecting in these markets is like trying to find a needle in a hay stack.

So if you can’t find them, what can you do to get their business?How to Find a Niche Market

The solution is to help them find you online. More and more buyers are finding businesses online by entering a word or phrase into search engines.

When they search, it is important to appear prominently on the search results page. To get there, you need to carefully pick keywords, optimize your pages, create content and build links around the terms searched by your ideal buyers.

Here are some niche marketing tips and internet marketing strategies to make it easier for your website to be found by for your niche market.



1. Create a key word strategy

  • Develop a list of 3-5 keywords that are pertinent to your niche product/industry
  • Select key words based on difficulty and relevance

Think of yourself as the customer or interested party searching for your product online, through a search engine or on social media. For most businesses, your keywords are not your brand name. Think of words and short phrases that get to the core of what your product or service is about instead of just brand marketing.

Select keywords that are relevant to your business. These keywords don't have to be cast in stone, test the marketplace and see what works best. As SEO technology changes, so may your keywords. 

2. Optimize your website to get found

  • Once keywords or phrases have been selected, optimize your content to include mentions of these words in key places. 
  • Incorporate  the nine elements of on-page website optimization: page titles, meta description, headings, cascading style sheets, images, domain info, MOZ rank, Google crawl date, URL structure

For getting found you should aim to be on the first few search engine results pages for your keywords, preferably on the first page.

3. Create a blog and marketing offers

  • Blogging and creating other content like e-books and webinars are powerful ways to drive the right people to your business online
  • Business blogs should be non-promotional, focusing on content value 
  • Incorporate words that your customers use to describe your business in your blog

A blog makes your website more dynamic and automatically inserts new content each time an article is posted. Search engines deliver higher rankings to websites that regularly refresh their content.  The positive results are a higher ranking which then translates into new visitors and leads for your business. 

4. Share content on social media

  • Review and select appropriate social media platforms for your business
  • Monitor social media to understand online conversations related to your industry and respond as appropriate
  • Establish social media marketing goals 

Social media is all about discovering and sharing cool stuff. Businesses that can leverage social media to help distribute business content and increase their advocates can experience significant growth. 

5. Convert website traffic into leads

Once you have launched your blog, optimized your website to be found and begun promoting your content via social networks, you should observe a spike in traffic to your website.

But what if you are not seeing any spike in business? How do you address that?

  • Provide a compelling offer for your prospects 
  • Create a call-to-action to promote your offer
  • Launch a landing page with a form for visitors to submit their information
  • Measure and repeat the whole process  

The marketing metrics to closely monitor website viewing include the “click through” rate of your call-to-action, conversion rate of your landing page and the number of new leads/sales from an offer. 

6. Nurture leads with targeted email messages

Nurturing leads is the process of developing that relationship with your sales prospects by sending targeted, relevant and valuable messages to them in a timely manner.

7. Optimize your marketing for mobile viewing

With the easy access of the internet through mobile devices, you need to consider the importance of creating quality content that can be easily consumed on mobile devices, such as smartphones or tablet computers. 

8. Analyze and refine strategies

  • Implement an analytics program
  • Identify opportunities
  • Set a metric for success
  • Evaluate areas for improvement
  • Refine 

Internet marketing for niche markets may seem difficult. But by taking it step-by-step, businesses can make internet marketing more manageable and begin generating results.

For detailed information download “The Niche Marketing Step-by-Step Guide to Internet Marketing”.

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