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Business to Business Telemarketing Must Haves – The Top 5

Posted by Paul Patrizi on Thu, Nov 10, 2016 @ 02:22

Get Your Callers Thinking Straight

So we’ve been at this for nearly 15 years and a few things keep coming around and around like a merry go round.  And most of these things are a departure from traditional telemarketing conversations.  When most of us in the business think of a telemarketing discussion, we think of talking about call techniques, tips, tactics and strategies that focus on the call environment.  Techniques like voice matching, tone and speed cadence, open vs. closed ended questions and which is used for what purpose and so forth.  Now don’t get me wrong, focusing your teams training on call technique best practices is not only important, it is critical to a campaigns success. 

But to consistently move the needle in B2B telemarketing campaigns, it is also extremely important that your telemarketing team not view themselves as similar to the B2C callers who hound us at call_center_pic-2_t-mkting_paper.pngdinner time selling us all those unwanted items.  B2B call campaigns are more complex and sophisticated than their B2C counterparts and as a result, require hybrid enterprise and inside sales skill sets.  So here are a few suggestions to keep your B2B teams aware of their talent, motivated and driven for success.  Sharing this information with your team will prove better than a pat on the back.

1.  Make sure your team understands their value

Well designed and professionally deployed B2B telemarketing campaigns are one of the most effective sales generation assets a company can employ.  And unlike traditional thinking, is widely welcomed by other businesses.  In fact, in a recent UK study of 200 business managers, telesales calls at work were voted one of the least annoying forms of advertising (polling just 4%), whilst 90% of marketing managers said that B2B telemarketing was either effective, or very effective, for their business.

2.  Work hard to ensure your B2B data lists are spotlessly clean

Nothing is more frustrating for a call team than calling into a list with 50% accuracy metrics. It can be very exhausting especially if a large portion of their compensation is based on performance.  Data drives motivated call teams so make sure your delivering spotlessly clean data to the floor. 

3.  Establish fair and realistic call goals

If you want to drive the enthusiasm and spirit out of a B2B call team, all you have to do is set ridiculously unachievable goals.  Whether that be a metric of leads per hour, appointments set per day or number of records cleansed per month, set achievable goals and communicate them often. 

4.  Understand that good B2B telemarketing takes time

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and likewise, your telemarketers should not be expected to broker a killer deal in a single cold-call.  An analysis of 29,000 UK B2B telemarketing calls, showed that it took an average of 80 calls to develop a new opportunity. Success rates vary hugely by sector and campaign target type, so it pays to analyze past call conversion rates to set future goals and manage expectations.

5.  Let them innovate and improvise

Pay particular attention to how you are managing your team’s conversations.  Micro-managing caller conversations can limit the rapport they develop with prospects, and can lead to the perception that your company lacks the personal touch.

It’s been our experience that giving your team a set of key points to cover in each conversation and allowing them to adapt the pitch as they see fit is much more productive.


In summary:

  • Plan, plan, plan.
  • Make sure your target lists are clean and accurate.
  • Establish realistic goals.
  • Encourage your team to adapt and improvise.
  • Make sure your team understands the professional value of their role.Market One Closing the Loop on Internet Marketing

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