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How to Grow and Leverage Your Email List At Lightening Speed

Posted by Paul Patrizi on Tue, Oct 09, 2018 @ 07:44

According to a recent Mckinnsey and Company poll of 400 professional B2B marketers, over 65% confirmed that email marketing was still the to go-to strategy to acquire leads and add customers.  If you are with the top 65%, you will want to grow your email list so you can reach more customers, generate more sales, and grow building blocksyour business? But it is not an easy task. Knowing the best email list building strategies is the best way to build an email list at lightning speed.

This post is intended to provide you with some of the easiest ways to build and leverage your email marketing list so you know any time you launch an email campaign, you’re reaching the widest audience possible

Leverage Outbound Call Center Touches to Maximize ROI

One tried and true method for building email lists is still being used today.  It’s the telephone. 

Leveraging call center campaigns are a great way to gather opt-in email addresses, update information and qualify prospects.

Smart marketers are employing email, web, social, inbound, marketing automation, paid search, display, print ads, snail mail and phone calls in concert to create a holistic customer experience.  In fact, many marketers report that by combining outbound telemarketing with their email campaigns proves to be an effective tool in leveraging their ROI.

On the other hand, we’ve seen many marketers who don’t embrace this strategy and don’t consider the call center to be a marketing channel.  Companies have phone conversations with thousands of prospects every day, but these interactions often remain siloed with in that department’s arm of the organization.

For companies in high-consideration industries like capital equipment, financial services, telco and healthcare, there’s a lot of revenue at stake. Marketers can’t afford to dismiss the call center play as a major weapon in their arsenal. If you do some research, you will find that companies that excel at influencing the customer experience across channels are leveraging outbound call center initiatives to maximize ROI.

Use Social Proof To Maximize Engagement

Most prospects struggle over the decision of whether to subscribe to an offer based on their initial impressions as to the credibility and value of the offer.  That’s why using social proof on your subscribe forms is a great way to give your site visitors the perfect first impression and convince them to subscribe right away.

There are many strategies you can use to heighten social proof:

  • Offer incentives to increase subscribers
  • People like you sharing on social media and other platforms
  • Convince industry experts to make recommendations on your offers
  • Celebrity endorsements (tough but doable)
  • Current user and customer reviews
  • Official stamps of approval

Optimize Your Opt-in Form Placement

The strategy that will give you the biggest returns with email list building is picking the proper placement and format of your email opt-in forms. 

But before you get to picking your opt-in form placement, it's best to de-clutter your site. By removing unnecessary elements from your site design, your visitors can focus better on your calls-to-action and find the content they are after.

When it comes to form placement, however, most businesses have multiple opt-in forms, often found in the following places:

  • Your site’s header
  • The right or left sidebar’s
  • The use of pop-ups which are proven to maximize subscribers
  • Simple to understand value propositions
  • The right mix of colors and tones

Keep in mind that placing opt-in forms in these sections isn't a "set it and forget it" type of deal. Using site analytics tools, you'll get feedback on which forms work best over time. You'll also be able to test which email subject headlines, offers, and calls-to-action convert more of your visitors into subscribers. Still, just by setting up your forms in the best places to capture emails, you're already starting on the right foot.

Make Remarkable Offers That Your Visitors Can’t Resist

Now that you have your opt-in forms in the right places, what can you do to make sure they sign up? You'll have to create an attractive offer that they wouldn't want to miss.

Most industry experts state that the most effective way to increase conversions is to provide subscribers with access to restricted areas of a website or access to content downloads. 

With this in mind, it's best to offer potential subscribers access to exclusive content. If you've ever subscribed to email newsletters yourself, you'll notice that some common offers come in the form of eBooks, whitepapers, reports, or tutorials. While this exclusive content usually comes as downloadable PDFs, some of them can be in video or audio format.

But any kind of bonus content won't do. It has to be something that your target subscribers wouldn't want to miss out on. In addition, making it time sensitive drives urgency. Understand how they think and what their needs are, then tap into these needs when you create your offer.

It also helps if your subscription offer can be considered "premium content" — of a higher quality than most of the readily available content on your website.

It's this exclusive, premium element that will make your readers want to take the extra step of subscribing to your email list rather than just regularly returning to your site. Another term for this premium content is a buzz piece.

Enable Pop-Ups

Creating cool looking pop-ups on your site enhances engagement and will ultimately increase conversions.  Pop-ups are a quick and easy way to double your email subscriber percentage.

Pop-ups also give your visitors one last chance to consider subscribing before they leave for what may be forever. Make it even more enticing by adding an opt-in incentive such as a no cost assessment of their website or other business related services.

Other Email Building Strategies

Below is a list of additional email building strategies you should consider as you seek to maximize your digital footprint

  • Focus on one social media  Make Your Forms Simple   Hold Contests
  • Host a Webinar
  • Guest Post on Popular Blogs
  • Keep Optimizing

We hope that this post has provided useful tips and techniques on building your email subscriber list at lightning speed.  While it is not an easy task, your commitment and on-going efforts will pay off.  For a no obligation email campaign assessment and strategy session, please contact us today via our contact form, or at 216-360-8141.


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