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The 6 Key B2B Marketing Trends for 2019

Posted by Paul Patrizi on Mon, Feb 04, 2019 @ 07:45

There has been much a buzz about what’s on the horizon in the b2b 2019 marketing space.  From the rise of AI to the heights of where marketing automation will take us.  With all the chatter, we thought it might be appropriate to offer up some of the common themes we are hearing from both our clients and the industry.  In this post we have compiled the top 6 trending areas in the b2b marketing space.  Enjoy!

1. Companies Need to Listen

In the midst of what many call the fourth industrial revolution in which digital, physical and biological worlds are colliding, companies must consider the impact technology has on the customer experience. While buyers expect a quality product for a reasonable price, they also want an emotional tie to a brand, and that comes through a human connection.  

Companies will finally learn the art of listening in 2019 by developing a strategy that engages customers in the right way, at the right time and on the right channel. Leveraging analytics, smart companies will monitor the entire customer journey across channels to ensure a consistent customer experience (CX); that drives loyalty.  

2. Video Marketing will Drive Higher Engagement

Fueled by social media, video marketing has become a popular medium for content consumption. YouTube, with 42 million unique monthly audiences, and other video outlets are offering better opportunities for today’s marketers. Integrating videos into the B2B buyer journey would become the top trend for boosting engagement.

3.  Increase in Automated Sales Prospecting

There's nothing new in predictive or even prescriptive lead scoring; most marketing automation and CRM platforms provide this type of capability these days. Unfortunately, this scoring is often based on only the data that is stored in that specific platform, making the scores far from perfect. In 2019, more companies will start adding new external data sources into their scoring algorithms, allowing them to predict future demand much more precisely. This is the first step in something we expect to be a reasonably lengthy process: the death of prospecting in B2B sales.

At the beginning of the next decade, the leading companies will automate both inbound sales prospecting and outbound sales prospecting at scale. These companies store all their customer and prospect data in one database and smart algorithms and search queries provide the list of the best prospects for all their sales reps, in real-time.

4. AI will leverage the sales pitch

No, AI won't replace humans this year, but we firmly believe that artificial intelligence will be used in creating personalized sales pitches. For years, companies have recorded data about lost and won deals, and reasons behind those outcomes. At the same time, the new data sources are drawing a much more nuanced picture of each potential customer.

Seasoned sales professionals can come up with a personalized sales pitch to almost any customer that belongs to their ideal customer profile. And they can do so in the blink of an eye. We predict that this will soon be done at scale. And not by salespeople, but artificial intelligence algorithms that read all that data in real time, and learn based on new data added by users or analytics professionals.

5. The Human Touch will Harness Engagement-Outbound Call Contact will Rise

Over the past few years, trust has become the word on everyone’s lips within the marketing industry. And looking ahead to next year, we don’t believe that’s going to change. In a world of increased transparency and heightened customer awareness, trust really does reign supreme.

But next year, we expect to see even more brands and businesses harnessing the power of thought leadership, communicating with a human voice through direct outbound customer contact and using it as a tool for building trust and authenticity amongst their key stakeholders. Increasingly, B2B marketers are looking at buyers and decision-makers beyond their corporate roles, gaining a better understanding of and tapping into the emotional drivers of decision making to build stronger relationships.

6  Increased Personalization

Personalized marketing remained in focus of B2B marketers throughout 2018 and would continue to rise in 2019. Testing the website, segmenting the B2B buyers and then, ultimately, offering individualized experience to each customer would become the top marketing strategy. And Artificial Intelligence (AI) would offer constant support in the form of customer data for offering personalization to the B2B buyers.

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